A publication Making 1916: the visual and material culture of the Easter Rising will be published by Liverpool University Press in May 2015.

Edited by Lisa Godson and Joanna Brück, the contents are:

Section 1: The Fabric of the Rising                                                                      

Introduction: The Fabric of the Rising


Chapter 1       Brian Hand

The fabric of a deathless dream: a short introduction to the origins and meanings of the 1916 tricolour flag


Chapter 2       Jane Tynan

The unmilitary appearance of the 1916 Rebels


Chapter 3       Franc Myles

Beating the retreat: the final hours of the Easter Rising


Chapter 4       Daniel Jewesbury

The constitution of a state yet to come: the unbroken promise of the Half-Proclamation


Chapter 5       Bill Mc Cormack

What is a forgery or a catalyst? The so-called ‘Castle Document’ of Holy Week 1916


Chapter 6       Ciara Chambers

The ‘aftermath’ of the Rising in cinema newsreels


Section 2: The Affective Bonds of the Rising                                                      


Introduction: The Affective Bonds of the Rising


Chapter 7       Orla Fitzpatrick

Portraits and propaganda: photographs of the widows and children of the 1916 leaders in The Catholic Bulletin


Chapter 8       Jack Elliott

‘After I am hanged my portrait will be interesting but not before’.  Ephemera and the construction of personal responses to the Easter Rising


Chapter 9       Joanna Brück           

Nationalism, gender and memory: internment camp craftwork, 1916-1923


Chapter 10     Laura McAtackney

Female prison autograph books: (re)remembering the Easter Rising through the experiences of Irish Civil War imprisonment


Chapter 11     Brian Crowley

Pearse’s profile: the making of an icon


Section 3: Revivalism and the Rising


Introduction: Revivalism and the Rising


Chapter 12     Elaine Sisson

Dublin Civic Week and the materialisation of history


Chapter 13     Mary Ann Bolger

Redesigning the Rising: typographic commemorations of 1916


Chapter 14     Róisín Kennedy

The Capuchin Annual: visual art and the legacy of 1916, one generation on


Chapter 15    Hilary O’Kelly

National Revival dress and 1916


Section 4: Remembering the Rising


Introduction: Remembering the Rising                                                                                       

Chapter 16    Lar Joye and Brenda Malone

Displaying the nation:  the 1916 exhibition at the National Museum of Ireland (1932-1991)


Chapter 17    Elizabeth Crooke

A story of absence and recovery: the Easter Rising in museums in Northern Ireland


Chapter 18     Pat Cooke

History, materiality and the myth of 1916


Chapter 19     Damian Shiels

Place versus memory: forgetting Ireland’s sites of independence?


Chapter 20     Catherine Marshall

‘Of all the trials not to paint…’. Sir John Lavery’s painting High treason, Court of Criminal Appeal: the trial of Roger Casement 1916


Chapter 21     Justin Carville

‘Dusty fingers of time’: photography, materials memory and 1916


Chapter 22     Lisa Godson

Religion, ritual and the performance of memory in the Irish Free State


Afterword       Nicholas Allen

Lost city of the archipelago: Dublin at the end of Empire



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